ALLPACS is a small game development studio located in Montreal, Canada. We specialize in building game assets for Unreal Engine. You can buy our packs on the Unreal Engine marketplace. All our assets are AAA quality, optimized for performance, and use blueprints to add functionality and save you time.

We also work with independent developers to create custom assets. Email us at allcapspacs@gmail.com if you need anything.

Drone & Helicopter Flying Pack

The ALLPACS Drone & Helicopter Flying Pack makes it easy and fun for players to fly a drone. Drag a drone blueprint into any level and it's ready to go. Both the controls and mesh designs are based on the most popular consumer models available in stores today.

  • $34.99 on the Unreal Engine Marketplace
  • Customizable materials to suit your color, roughness, dirt, and metalness preferences
  • Arcade-style controls based on the Unreal Engine character movement component in order to optimize for multiplayer compatibility
  • Editable settings for max speed, acceleration, deceleration, max roll, max pitch, camera lag, camera distances, and sound effects
  • VR and multiplayer ready

Powerline Generator Pack

The ALLPACS Powerline Generator Pack is a spline-based powerline system that makes it easy to build a complex network of powerlines in any environment. The pack includes a series of customizable powerlines and wall mounts with cables that snap to the nearest target when placed in a level.

  • $19.99 on the Unreal Engine Marketplace.
  • Drag spline points to add new powerlines then move individual powerlines around the level and cables automatically keep their connection
  • Exposed variables provide options for lamps, transformers, frames, pegs, lights, rust and color
  • Includes fully functional street lights with intensity setting
  • Uses a dynamic material instance to allow for material customization

Billboard Generator Pack

The ALLPACS Billboard Generator Pack consists of six unique billboard blueprints that allow you to create a custom billboard for any situation.

  • $14.99 on the Unreal Engine Marketplace.
  • Drag a billboard blueprint into any map and create a nearly limitless number of variations using the details panel
  • Each blueprint includes a light system with settings for on/off, top/bottom, color, intensity, rotation, and cone angle
  • Custom ads for both single and double sided models, with 7 different display sizes to choose from
  • Includes an option for video ads